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Our Story

Founded in 2021, we are a small but mighty community-based movement providing mentorship, skills-building, career resources and a professional network to Sierra Leone's most hardworking yet underserved young women

MSK's Founder, Mariama Wurie, started with one. One relationship with one mentee, changed the way Mariama viewed networks and resourcing.


A few women in Sierra Leone have the privilege of free time, industry-specific expertise and critical networks for career growth, whilst the majority of young women do not. What would happen if some of Sierra Leone's privileged women simply connected with talented yet disenfranchised young women to co-design their dream careers— through mentorship, resourcing and providing them with access to their networks? 

The answer is MSK. 

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Mentee Stories

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I am Maimuna Bah. 
I was recommended by you for a job at Innovation SL. An Entrepreneurship Support Organisation (ESO) in October 2022.

The recommendation was very timely because I was desperately searching for a job at that time after I had just resigned from a volunteer job at Restless Development in Pujehun. 

Since I joined InnoSL, I have been progressing steadily from being hired as a trainee for 3 months to being a permanent staff and I am currently serving as manager for one of the key Portfolios in the company; the incubation portfolio responsible for incubating  start ups in terms of validating their business  ideas and developing a minimum viable product for testing by their target customers. 

Although I studied Accounting and Finance at the university, Working at InnoSL have made me developed interest in Entrepreneurship Development which I will like to further develop my skills in. 

Throughout my stay at Innovation SL, I have grown so much as an individual and I have also learnt so much;I am now able to generate report,diagnose businesses, handle projects around incubating start-up ventures and also writing proposals for incubation of start ups.

I would like to say, all this would not have been possible without your recommendation.
I am eternally grateful for the opportunity you provided that has helped  in my personal and career growth  development. 

I would like to also inform you that Inno SL is currently undergoing a restructuring process which has resulted in revision and termination of contracts.
Unfortunately my contract  is being revised with a salary reduction,as part of their efforts to manage finances more effectively. The revised contract is set to end in December 2024 and I have accepted the terms and conditions.  
Hence I am considering changing of job at the end of that contract. 

For now, I am considering pursuing a Masters in Business Administration  at any University. 
I am reaching out to inquire if you could provide any   assistance/guidance regarding  scholarship opportunities as I am unable to afford the tuition fees on my own. 

Once again thank you for being the strongest pillar in developing my career.

You are loved and appreciated always.🤗😘😍
May Allah continue to bless guide and protect you in all your endeavours Ameen 🙏


Our Work


The Mentorship Network (MN) pairs young vulnerable women with expert, well-resourced, and certified mentors in their professional fields of choice. Mentors provide mentees with academic and career planning sessions, personal development coaching sessions, physical resources and network access for academic and professional growth— for a period of 2 years.


The MN is based on three services that mentors are trained to provide to mentees— meeting key performance indicators (KPI) at end of the mentorship cycle. 

These 3 services are (1) training and support in career mapping and strategy, (2) co-creating resumes and cover letters, and support with job hunting by utilizing one's own network to provide references for mentees and (3) career coaching, once mentees secure jobs. 

Mu Studio + The Sister Honey Pot

The word ‘mu’ from the Mende language means ‘our’ in English— and encompasses the collaborative ethos of MSK.

Mu Studio is MSK’s digital merchant. Set to launch in 2025, Mu Studio will serve as an online platform for MSK entrepreneurial mentees to market and sell retail products from start-ups that some of our mentees have built, with MSK support.

Mentees with start-ups housed by Mu Studio retain 90% of their profits whilst 10% of store profits will be housed in the MSK Sister Honey Pot.


The Sister Honey Pot is an emergency fund that all mentees (especially those in need of hardship funds) can access, upon filling a formal application to MSK. Eligible emergencies include medical needs, supplemental academic and training fees and logistical needs upon starting new jobs or job hunting (e.g. transport fares to interviews or new jobs, new workwear, etc.). 

 Resource Center  + Safe Space 

Scheduled to open in October 2025, the RC+SS will be the MSK head office that houses a resource centre and a safe space for all women in Freetown, Sierra Leone in need of our some sisterhood energy and support.


At the RC+SS, women can walk in, speak with a concierge about their needs, and be assigned an advisor for academic, career, and/or mental health support. 

The RC will also host a kiosk of free and unlimited menstrual products, a feminist library, and a meditation space. 

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